The Transmission of Emotions

An interdisciplinary Symposium

10 February 2012, VU University

This symposium at the Vrije Universiteit brings together three scholars from different disciplines, who will each give an accessible
introduction to the present state of knowledge about the transmission of emotions in their field.

Agneta Fischer, professor in Social
Psychology at the University of Amsterdam will speak on emotional contagion;

Christian Keysers, Professor for the Social
Brain at the medical faculty of the University Medical Center Groningen and the
Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience will speak on empathy and mirror neurons;

Jos van Berkum, professor in Discourse,
Cognition & Communication at Utrecht University will speak on language and emotion.

What do we know about the role of language in the  emotional effects that a book has on its reader? How does an audience get
‘infected’ with the emotions of a speaker? And what is the role of mirror  neurones in the transmission of emotions? With three lectures and ample room  for discussion, this symposium aims to stimulate (further) interaction between  different academic disciplines.


Kristine Steenbergh, Amsterdam Centre for  Cross-Disciplinary Study of the Emotions and the Senses, VU University Amsterdam. This interdisciplinary seminar is sponsored by the Faculty of Arts of VU University and an NWO VENI grant.

Registration closed on 25 January 2012.



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