Lecture Arlie Russell Hochschild

We are very happy to announce that on Wednesday 17 October, Arlie Russell Hochschild will give a lecture at ACCESS.

Arlie Russell Hochschild, emerita professor of sociology at the University of California, Berkeley, may be called one of the most influential sociologists of the last thirty years. She published many important and prize-winning books on, for instance, work–family relations and the global dimensions of care work.

Among scholars of the emotions she is probably best known for her book The Managed Heart, published as early as 1983. In that book she introduced the concepts of ’emotional labor’ and ‘feeling rules’, which soon traveled into the work of other scholars who like her are interested in the performativity and the growing commercialization of emotions. Both themes run through all her work, perhaps most notably in The Commercialization of Intimate Life, another prize-winning book, published in 2003.

In her lecture for ACCESS, entitled “Terms of Emotional Engagement: The Market and Personal Life” she will present her latest research on the subject.

17 October, 15.30 hrs, VU University Amsterdam, room 12A-00
Please click here to register for attendance.


Please note that professor Hochschild will also be giving the lustrum lecture at the Kring van Amsterdamse Sociologen on Friday 19 October, 15.00 – 17.00 hrs. Location: Doelenzaal AUB, Singel 425. (NB: this is not Doelenzaal Kloveniersburgwal!)

Register for the KAS lustrum lecture at adreskas[at]uva[dot]nl (max 70 participants)

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