In Search of Scents Lost

VU-scientists are awarded an NWO-grant for their research project on ‘geurkunst’ – the art of scent.

The project ‘In Search of Scents Lost: Reconstructing the Aromatic Heritage of the Avant-Garde’ will be conducted by Caro Verbeek of the Rijksmuseum, and an expert in the field of the history and art of scent and perfume.

Scents are fleeting, and also much neglected in our visual culture. However, there are many examples to be found in the past of ‘scent-art’: avant-garde artists developed and used scents to trigger memories, to provoke, or to make their art seem lifelike. In cooperation with the perfume industry and several museums in Holland and abroad, Caro Verbeek will reconstruct historical scents, and bring them alive once more.

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