Visualising Uncertainty

The Dutch Escience Center has been awarded a grand for their project ‘Visualising Uncertainties and Perspectives’.

Contributing to the project ‘Visualising Uncertainty and Perspectives’ are Piek Vossen (Computational Linguistics), Inger Leemans (Cultural History), Guus Schreiber (Computer Science – Web and Media), Antske Fokkens (Computational Linguistics), Serge ter Braake (History) and Victor de Boer (Computer Science – Web and Media).

Escience engineers will develop innovative techniques for visualising subjectivity and insecurity in digital research. The tools will allow researchers that conduct digital research to map the complexity of their data. That way, users can compare information from different sources and from different perspectives. The project will start early 2015.

More information can be found on the website of Escience.

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