Lecture Barbara Rosenwein in Nijmegen

Date: Monday 3 October 2022, from 16:00hrs

Beelkamer, Huize Heyendael Speaker

Opening lecture RICH-fellow Professor Barbara H. Rosenwein

Monday 3 October marks the first day of Professor Rosenwein’s month-long visiting fellowship at RICH Radboud. Her opening lecture will take place at 4 pm (CEST) on campus. Everyone is invited to join in person or online, but registration is required (see the website of the Radboud University).

Love: A New Approach in the History of Emotions

The many excellent approaches to the history of emotions—emotionology, emotional regimes, emotional communities, emotional practices of the body—are extremely useful for looking at emotions at particular moments in time. But my study of the history of love led me to add another approach: to analyze the narratives that inform the emotion. Emotions are not simple: they are experiences, yes, but they are also communications (performatives), moral judgements, implied expectations, and many other things. The same “named” emotion is understood in different ways depending on the narrative that organizes it and gives it meaning. Because of the complexity of these narratives, I prefer to call them fantasies, which also emphasizes their shape-shifting potential.

Barbara H. Rosenwein (Ph.D. (1974), B.A. (1966), University of Chicago) is Professor Emerita at Loyola University Chicago. She is an internationally renowned expert in European medieval history and the history of emotions, and has published a number of influential works. In 2010, she published Emotional Communities in the Early Middle Ages. Her most recent books include Anger: the History of a Conflicted Emotion (Yale University Press 2020) and Love: a History in Five Fantasies (Polity Press 2021).

Since 2009, Rosenwein has been an affiliated research scholar at the Centre for the History of the Emotions at Queen Mary University in London. She was a scholar in residence at the American Academy in Rome in 2001-2002 and was elected Fellow of the Medieval Academy of America in 2003. Rosenwein has lectured throughout the world, including France, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain, Germany, Israel, Sweden, Taiwan, Australia, Italy, and Iceland. She retired from teaching as Professor Emerita in 2015 but continues to write and research.

Throughout October 2022, she will be a visiting fellow at the Radboud Institute for History and Culture.


The History of Emotions in the Low Countries, a state of the art meeting

Date Friday 7 October 2022

Time 10:30 to 18:30

Location: Radboud University, Nijmegen

With this meeting, we want to bring together historians interested in emotions to:

(1) reflect on the development of the history of emotions in the Low Countries: What questions have historians of the emotions been exploring? What theories and methods have been developed and applied? What sources have been used? What knowledge have we acquired about the history of emotions and about emotions in history?

(2) formulate perspectives for the future: what urgent questions should we be asking next? What new theoretical reflections might we benefit from? Which promising methods do we want to develop? What sources might provide new insights? What possible convergences might we explore with sensory historians within the newly developing field of the history of experience? Where could and should we seek more and new interdisciplinary forms of collaboration? How useful is national and/or language-based collaboration in the context of an international – increasingly global – field of research?

The meeting will be made up of three plenary lectures about three recent history of emotions projects by established scholars, a poster session, which aims to provide an overview of ongoing history of emotions research in the Low Countries, a round table in which we discuss perspectives for the future and concluding remarks, offered by Professor Barbara Rosenwein (Loyola University Chicago), a most influential and internationally renowned expert in the field of the history of emotions.


10.30 am -10.45 am Registration (Theater C, Elinor Ostromgebouw)

10.45 am – 11 am Welcome and introduction (dr. Anneleen Arnout)

11 am – 12.30 pm The history of emotions: three recent projects (plenary)

  • dr. Theo Lap (Groningen University)
  • dr. Elwin Hofman (KU Leuven/Utrecht University)
  • dr. Tine van Osselaer (Antwerp University)

12.30 pm – 1.30 pm Lunch

1.30 pm -2.15 pm Poster session, round 1 (Foyer Erasmusgebouw)

2.15 pm – 3 pm Poster session, round 2 (Foyer Erasmusgebouw)

3pm – 3.30pm Coffee Break

3.30pm – 4 pm Poster Session, round 3 (Foyer Erasmusgebouw)

4.15pm – 5pm Round Table (Theater C, Elinor Ostromgebouw)

  • dr. Jeroen Deploige (Ghent University)
  • dr. Josephine Hoegaerts (Helsinki University)
  • dr. Jan Frans van Dijkhuizen (Leiden University)
  • dr. Dorothee Sturkenboom

5 pm – 5.30 pm Concluding remarks by professor Barbara H. Rosenwein (Theater C, Elinor Ostromgebouw)

5.30 pm -6.30 pm drinks

Practical information

The meeting takes place on October 7th 2022 at Radboud University in Nijmegen (in the Elinor Ostrom building and the Erasmus building, both on the Heyendaalse weg). In order to welcome Professor Rosenwein and researchers who are not (entirely) fluent in Dutch, we have chosen to use English as the default language for the posters and lectures.

This meeting will also serve as the kick-off event for the new Huizinga Research Network about the History of Emotions. This network sets out to facilitate exchange and cooperation between researchers in the field of the history of emotions in the Low Countries, through seminars, workshops, lectures and network meetings.

More information and registration: Radboud University Nijmegen

Lectures by Barbara Rosenwein in Utrecht

Professor Barbara H. Rosenwein (Loyola University, Chicago) is an internationally renowned historian, who has worked on several important topics, such as monastic property and social relations (resulting in To Be the Neighbor of Saint Peter: The Social Meaning of Cluny’s Property) and the history of immunities in the early Middle Ages (Negotiating Space: Power, Restraint, and Privileges of Immunity in Early Medieval Europe). In addition, she has published widely on the history of emotions (for example Emotional Communities in the Early Middle Ages and Generations of Feeling), and has published several textbooks on the Middle Ages, including A Short History of the Middle Ages (http://www.rosenweinshorthistory.com/).

We are very pleased to announce that Barbara Rosenwein will visit Utrecht in the first week of May and cordially invite you to the two lectures she will give:

‘Writing a Medieval History Textbook’. Tuesday 3 May, 13.15u-15 u. Location: Utrecht, Drift 21, room 0.32.

‘From “Worrying about Emotions” to Generations of Feeling’. Wednesday 4 May, 15.15 u-17 u. Location: Utrecht, Drift 21, Sweelinckzaal (0.05).

UCMS Lecture Announcement 3 May (PDF)

UCMS Lecture Announcement 4 May (PDF)

UCMS Lecture Announcement 3 May UCMS Lecture Announcement 4 May