Lecture Monique Scheer

15 September 2011, 16h

VU Amsterdam, De Boelelaan 1105, room 1G10

Lecture Monique Scheer

The Sacralization of Feeling

Religious Emotion as a Cultural Practice among German Methodists in the 19th Century


Monique Scheer is Research Scholar at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, and the Center for the History of Emotions, Berlin.


In her lecture, Monique Scheer will explore an understanding of emotions as cultural practices using the example of Methodist worship among Germans in W├╝rttemberg (Germany) and the Ohio River valley (USA), for whom emotions were integral to their religious practice. An understanding of emotions as cultural practices is slowly evolving: If we conceive of feelings as learned and cultivated, then it becomes clear that they are to be viewed as a form of bodily as well as conceptual knowledge transmitted in specific cultural contexts. For the role of emotions in religion, this perspective means that we can take them seriously as an integral part of practice, not simply as its effect. Sources for this kind of analysis can and should be not only what people say they feel, but also what they do in order to feel a certain way.

The lecture starts at 16.00h. Lecture and discussion are followed by a reception around 17.15h.

Methodist camp meeting. Alexander Rider/Hugh Bridport, Kennedy & Lucas lithograph, ca. 1829 (Library of Congress Digital Collections)